3 Reasons Why Vinyl Car Mats Are Great For Dog Owners

If you've just welcomed a new pup into your home, one of the best investments you can make is vinyl floor matting for your car. Here are just three ways vinyl car mats will help you when it comes to driving your dog around on errands or to the park. 1. They make cleaning a breeze First and foremost, the biggest benefit of vinyl car mats for dog owners is easier cleaning. Read More 

Two Common Misconceptions About Roof Racks

Below are some misconceptions about car racks that can put vehicle owners off this accessory. They damage a car's roof and its tyres Some drivers who've never used roof racks before are of the mistaken belief that this accessory can damage a car's roof and tyres. For example, some think that the parts of a roof rack that are secured to the roof panel may dent these sections if left on for too long or that the rack might bear down on the vehicle and thus make its tyres deteriorate or lose air much too quickly. Read More 

A Guide On Buying 4WD Drawer Systems

A common problem experienced by off-road enthusiasts is inadequate storage space in their 4WDs. As such, their boot spaces are often crammed thus, they have difficulties retrieving their items. 4WD drawer systems are an instant solution to this problem. The drawers are installed in your vehicle's rear to help you organise your items and increase the available storage space. Below is an excerpt discussing the considerations to make when purchasing and installing a 4WD drawer system in your off-road truck. Read More 

Why Dyno Tuning is Essential for Improving Car Performance

When you want to improve the performance and efficiency of a vehicle, you should consider dyno tuning. The special car tune-up technique measures an engine's output, including air-fuel mixture ratio, torque and horsepower. The testing is done in a special machine called a dynamometer or dyno. Dyno tuning entails adjusting the air-fuel mixture and timing to suitable settings according to your vehicle's make and model. It is done for different engine conditions and loads and can take between half a day to several days to get the settings right. Read More 

The Key Parts Off A Trailer You Always Need To Check Before Buying

Car trailers are an endlessly useful accessory that all your friends will continuously ask you to borrow once they find out you have one. A trailer is so simple that it seems as though everyone would have one, but unless you have the room to store it, it can be a bit of a luxury. Still, for those who have the room and the money to purchase car trailers, they are almost always the best value you can get for your hard-earned cash. Read More