The Key Parts Off A Trailer You Always Need To Check Before Buying

Car trailers are an endlessly useful accessory that all your friends will continuously ask you to borrow once they find out you have one. A trailer is so simple that it seems as though everyone would have one, but unless you have the room to store it, it can be a bit of a luxury. Still, for those who have the room and the money to purchase car trailers, they are almost always the best value you can get for your hard-earned cash. Before you buy your car trailer, however, always make sure to check them in person, particularly in these three key areas. 

The Underside

Often the top of the trailer will be bright and shiny, but what you really want to know is if the parts that aren't as visible are still as high-quality as those that are. If you are buying brand-new, then this is less of an issue as virtually all car trailers will have a great finish right out of the factory, but if you are buying secondhand, look for rust, corrosion and signs of scraping and cracking. Make sure that all the connective bars and wiring are still in place and that they look strong enough to handle the loads you intend to transport. 


The wheels themselves are very important. Always ask what brand and size of wheels you will need for your car trailer in the future, as sometimes only specifically designed wheels will fit on certain brands of car trailers. Do a little bit of research on the wheels you find out are on your potential trailer and see how they stack up against the competitors. Most car trailer retailers will be happy to show you other options that have stronger or more reliable wheels when asked. Remember, your trailer is only as strong and useful as the wheels that support it.


This is not a physical component per se, but it is a key feature you need to consider in your car trailers. Consider what you will mostly be transporting and whether or not you need to have a stable and flat surface on which to store these items. Some car trailers do not have the stand-alone balance to stay upright when not hooked up to a car. Others are always balanced, even when free-standing. For those that work alone, a free-standing car trailer is a little bit more useful than the less rigid options, but as long as you know what you want, you can find great deals on both variants. 

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