How Should You Add a Winch to a Flat Top Trailer?

If you own a flat top trailer, you may be grateful for its versatility and use it for many tasks over the months. Yet you may now want to use it for a different purpose and be thinking about hauling heavier loads than usual. In this case, you may need assistance to actually get these loads onto the trailer and wonder whether it's possible to add a winch to help you out. What do you need to know about adding this accessory to your flat top?

Getting the Right Equipment

Firstly, always ensure that you get the highest quality parts you can find and that your winch is rated for the particular tasks ahead. You need to pay particular attention to the quality of the wire rope before you purchase or mount the winch. After all, safety is paramount, and you don't want to discover that your winch cannot perform your expected tasks once it has been installed.

Connecting to Power

When you have located the perfect winch and accessories, you need to ensure that you can wire it properly before bolting it in. The winch may come with a wiring kit to simplify the task.

Ensure that the equipment is grounded to a metal surface or the vehicle's body and that the wire that provides the power is attached to the positive post on the winch. You should be ready to go when you have attached the ground wire to the negative post and tucked it away from the wiring so it is not vulnerable to damage or fraying.

Installing the Winch

When it comes to installing the winch, you've got a couple of options. Your flatbed will typically have a front-facing rail; if so, you can bolt a hitch mount onto this railing before introducing the winch. It'll make it easier for you to access the winch when you're ready to load and unload. Alternatively, you could simply bolt the winch mechanism onto the trailer's bed. Ensure that you do this in a load-bearing area so that the surface can accommodate the additional strain. Here, you probably need to use a winch mounting plate with the right type of u-bolt to secure it firmly.

Extra Advice

If you need any additional advice, ask your trailer accessory supplier. They'll be able to supply you with the right parts and give you some mounting tips to make your installation job a lot simpler.