Tips for Buying the Right Truck Floor Mats

A 4WD truck is a great asset to have in your possession. It is strong enough to handle all manner of rough terrain without trying too hard. However, how you maintain your truck determines the kind of service you get from it, and this is especially the case for the interior. You need to keep the inside of your vehicle clean, and the best way to achieve that is by investing in floor mats. Nonetheless, choosing truck floor mats is not a walk in the park, especially if you are a new truck owner. This article provides tips for selecting the right floor mat for your new 4WD truck. Read on.

Flexible in all Weather -- One way to separate quality floor mats from low-quality types is their ability to maintain flexibility no matter the weather condition. Since most floor mats are made from a rubber material, you need to be careful with the type of rubber the mats are made from. The low-quality kind tends to stiffen in sub-freezing temperatures, which leads to premature cracking, thereby reducing the service life. As such, your choice of floor mats should be made from quality rubber that will remain flexible in both sub-zero as well as high temperatures. This allows you to clean the mats whenever you want without risking damage.

Moisture Absorbing -- Spilling liquids inside trucks is a common occurrence, especially during long-distance drives. Moreover, it is impossible to avoid entering your vehicle with wet shoes during wet weather. For this reason, you must find floor mats that are excellent at absorbing moisture.  While it might be difficult to test floor mats for this property, you should make it your objective to only buy floor mats from vendors that allow you to test the absorbent properties of their floor mats before you make a purchasing decision. These vendors usually have a test sample on hand and offer customers with a liquid to test the mats for their absorbent capabilities. The better the mats are at absorbing moisture and liquids, the better they will be at protecting the truck's floor interior.

Anti-Slip -- When driving or seated on the passenger side of your truck, it is natural to move your feet around and back and forth in search of a comfortable position. This action usually moves most floor mats about, thereby exposing the underlying carpet to the element. You do not want to buy such floor mats because dirt, debris, and liquids will get into the underside and ruin the truck's carpet. The best floor mats are equipped with anti-slip or anti-skid features such as suction rubber caps on the mats' underside corners. Once installed correctly, the floor mats stay in place regardless of how rough you move your legs. This ensures the underlying carpet in your truck remains in perfect condition.  

You should also consider 3D mats for more versatility.